Thursday, September 22, 2011

Logitech Speaker Dock Released For Ipod and Iphone

Logitech are a big company in Switzerland, which his belongings including the production of high quality and have no doubt. And the company that has long been the world, input devices like keyboards, mouse, cameras, headset, scanners, speakers and so inform the new news that it has released a new product and dock speaker system. This Swiss company has just added a set of Pure-Fi docking station for iPod and iPhone.
One of them is equipped with an omnidirectional acoustics transmit sound evenly in all directions. Logitech claims that the Pure-Fi products will be first released the iPod and speaker dock the iPhone.

Pure-Fi Express Plus, can use electricity or batteries for convenience and ease. In the second type, the Pure-Fi Anytime feature that comes with motion sensor technology. This allows you to control the alarm simply by moving the hands through the speakers. Pure-Fi Anytime radio features AM / FM in it. This is a very satisfactory service product that comes with amazing technology. Indeed Logitech products on the market including superior product because its quality is unquestioned. Although sometimes the price is quite expensive, but the price is directly proportional to the quality of the product. And customers will not be disappointed with the product from Logitech.

And for the Pure-Fi Anytime costs about S $ 10 (U.S. $ 6.69) is more expensive than Express Plus.

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